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North American center 12,000 people attended the praise!

The latest science-based training "Kinetic Integrations"

First landing in Japan!

Kinetic Integrations


See the essence of "movement"

Repeated unnatural movements such as habitual walking, holding things, sitting, and exercising incorrectly can limit physical function and cause pain and disability.

When pain occurs, it protects the area and causes unnatural movements of the body, and the unnatural movements of the body prevent the person from maintaining the correct posture. Abnormal physical movements and poor posture all affect each other.

"Integration" of movement to the original body that is easier to move

Kinetic Integrations identifies areas of physical discomfort (unnatural movements), learns the original healthy and natural posture and movements, and improves the physical discomfort.

By repairing movements so that muscles can perform their original (natural) functions, it is possible to eliminate the burden on joints and muscles. By further improving your posture, you can create a foundation for more efficient movement. Once you have the foundation, you will learn how to move it correctly. As a result, you will be able to move more freely and efficiently without pain and without delay.

By optimizing your own body movements, you can improve your quality of life, such as reducing pain, preventing injuries, and improving your physical fitness.

KI method concept

1) Functional recovery type training boasting a track record of 19 years
Science-based training devised by instructor Guido van Rissigem, who has been an athletic trainer for 12 years at Major Leak, to quickly return professional players.

2) Integration of movements seen from "Attractor State"
Corrected exercise patterns based on the concepts of "Dynamic System Theory" and "Attractor State", which are currently attracting attention in the sports performance rehabilitation industry.

3) Regain the original movement based on the latest brain science
Use the concept of motor learning and motor control to direct movement patterns that have been biased due to injury restrictions, non-exercise movements, repetitive exercises, and overtraining in the desired direction.

4) To everyone involved in the healthcare field
Practical and useful techniques not only for sports trainers and personal trainers, but also for doctors, acupuncturists, masseurs, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and other people involved in health care.

The effect that the client can expect with the KI method

・ Chronic low back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain

・ Posture improvement

・ Relearn body movements

・ Performance improvement

Improvement of physical strength

・ Learning to improve movements and movements

・ Relief or improvement of pain

・ Improvement of results in gym training

KI method developer


Guido van Rissigem

Guido Van Ryssegem

Master, ATC, CSCS, NBFE, Nurse
Developed "Kinetic Integrations", a system that integrates knowledge of various specialized techniques and restores unique compensatory movements. "Motor irregularities" "proprietary receptors" "sensory movements" "applied motor control" "motor learning" Providing technology to healthcare professionals and motor coaching professionals

Former life-saving emergency nurse with 38 years of clinical experience in the field of sports medicine strength & conditioning

After working for 16 years as a nurse with a critical room at a hospital in Antwerp, Belgium, he earned a master's degree in athletic trainer sports medicine from the University of Oregon.
Worked as an athletic trainer / strength coach in Major League Baseball for 9 years (Baltimor Oriol's Kansas City Royals Texas Ranger)

Responsible for training and rehabilitation at the Athletic Training Field at Oregon State University for 16 years
Currently, he is also a lecturer at universities in the United States and overseas, and is a lecturer at universities and various associations and organizations.

Other / Affiliation
Belongs as an evaluation committee member of the National Athletic Trainer Association (NATA)
National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) As an evaluation committee member and coordinator for the Northwestern United States
American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) · Rehab 2 Performance Member Korean Olympic Training Center · Evaluator and Advisor of Korean Sports Academy

Involved in the establishment of China Sports Medicine and Performance Academy private schools in Beijing China

KI method workshop

Voices of celebrity students

Nick Winkelman

Nick Winkleman

EXOS NFL Combined Head Coach and Program Director

Currently the performance director of Irish Rugby in Ireland

World-renowned speaker in the fields of human science and coaching science

“Gido integrates the concepts of rehabilitation, coaching, sensorimotor integration, and motor learning in a very unique way. His latest post describes his latest focus across these collective areas.

As he points out, it is important to learn how to extract the most important sensory information from the environment , as this skill creates stable patterns that can be self-collecting (self-correcting) across a variety of environments. If the client, patient, or athlete receives feedback only from the practitioner and is not given the opportunity to extract information from the environment through self-collection, the exercise pattern works well for sports and life without the practitioner. It is less likely to be integrated. 』\

Philip K Busey

Philip Kay Beauzy

EXOS Fitness Professional

"The practical and theoretical knowledge gained from this course is what I will continue to use for the rest of my life.
Gido's programs revolutionize the way we think about injury, rehab, and performance. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the best in the industry! 』\

Gray Cook

Gray cook

FMS Founder Functional Movement Screen

" This is the most comprehensive story I've ever heard about a movement. A missing link between injury prevention, rehabilitation, sports return, and performance.

Junggi Hong

John Gee Hong

PhD, ATC, Associate Professor of Motion Science, Willamette University

“Guido Van Ryssegem's Kinetic Integrations approach is a healthy model for solving motor dysfunction based on science and innovation. Since then, more than 100 students have benefited from this program each year. 』\

Gay Timken

Gay Timken

Western Oregon University Physical Education Teacher Education Associate Professor

“For the past decade, students at Western Oregon University have been introduced to Kinetic Integrations training methodologies and have found important frameworks and foundations for human movement and training principles for their understanding. To better prepare future fitness professionals and PE teachers, we will continue to incorporate this material into our professor's strength training and conditioning classes. 』\

Celebrities introducing the KI method into their training

Alex Elder: USA Olympic Wrestler

Alex Elder: US Olympic Wrestler

Elena Borodina: Moscow, Russia professional acrobat

Elena Borodina: Moscow, Russia Proact Bat Gymnastics

Diana Balazar: Peru Olympic hurler

Diana Ballazar: Peru Olympic Harling Player

Charles Burdick: Portland (Oregon) Timbers Major League Soccer head strength coach, ex-student

Charles Iberdick: Portland, Oregon Timbers Major Soccer Head Strength Coach (former student)

Chris Duffin: USA Professional Power Lifter

Chris Duffin: US Professional Power Lifter

Mark Verstegen: founder of Athletes' Performance and EXOS

Mark Birthdaygen: Athletic Performance & EXOS Founder

Michol Dalcourt: founder Institute of Motion and Vipr equipment

Micor Dalcourt Institute of Exercise and Founder of Vipr Equipment

Operating organization

Japan Headquarters


Providing knowledge, techniques, and information to those who instruct those who instruct overall physical and mental health, physical function improvement, and functional recovery, and those who aim for it, revitalize the athletic / healthcare field in Japan, and the abilities of each instructor The purpose is to provide a place for improvement and cross-functional communication in each field.

Implementation project details

1) Kinetic Integrations Seminar Held

2) Kinetic Integrations Promotion Activities

3) Interpreter for seminars, etc.

4) Exercise guidance

5) Treatment

6) Promotion of alternative medicine such as body talk

Representative: Sapiensis Body Care Kaito Sato

Address: 2-19-19 Naritanishi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 166-0016



US Headquarters


Tools And Education To Resolve Injury Problems To Get Your Clients Into The Best Shape Of Their Life.

We provide tools and education to solve problems such as client injuries and restore them to the best condition.

"Your goal is to correct your client's movement dysfunctions, educate them for injury prevention and help them gain full recovery by using coherent educational methods."

Correct the client's motor dysfunction using a coherent educational method. Educate clients to prevent injuries and develop human resources who can help them recover completely.

President: Guido van Ryssegem

Address: 97333 850 SW C. Ave Corvallis, OR 97333

Phone: 541-602-3085


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