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Dr Kelly's seminar is the official curriculum of the Dambrogio Institute.

The Kelly Method is an osteopathic-based treatment system. The seminar is curriculum with a view to becoming a diploma course in the future, and includes programs for energy approach, whole body approach, and approach to muscles, membranes, joints, and circulation.

In the United States, Dr. Kelly's seminars are offered through the IAHE (International Alliance of Healthcare Educators), with some exceptions. IAHE is an organization that coordinates and provides postgraduate education programs created by Appreciation DO, and has a reputation for carefully selecting high-quality energy therapy and manual therapy seminars.

When you come to Japan, in addition to the official curriculum, we will hold a one-day seminar that gives an overview of the technique, and a seminar that gives you a treatment experience and a treatment tour. If you have any requests or questions regarding treatment sessions or seminars, please feel free to contact us.



Kerry D'Ambrogio,


He has qualifications such as physiotherapist, osteopath, acupuncturist, and athletic therapist, and has opened a clinic in Florida, USA.

We are also focusing on educational activities, starting seminar activities in 1988 and teaching in more than 20 countries so far. We hold seminars about 30 times a year (80 days) in the United States and around the world. He is a certified instructor of the IAHE (International Alliance of Healthcare Educators), and many programs independently developed by Dr. Kelly are held as IAHE certified workshops.

He is also a lecturer at internationally renowned osteopathic and energy therapy organizations such as the Applause Institute , Ballal Institute and Body Talk Institute.

・ Graduated from the Department of Physical Therapist at the University of Toronto (Ohio, Canada).

-Canadian Academy of Osteopathy (Ohio),

・ Completed the osteopathic course at John Warnham College of Classical Osteopathy (Maidstone, England).

・ Completed the acupuncture course at the Academy of Chinese Healing Art (Florida, USA).

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Interview video of Dr. Kelly Dambrosio

Introduction of TBE (Total Body Energetics)


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Total Body Energetics (TBE) bridges the gap between bodywork and energy medicine. Our bodies not only accumulate physical tension (which can be caused by bad ergonomics, trauma, surgery, sports injuries, car accidents, falls, etc.), but also unresolved emotions, thoughts, beliefs, consciousness, fear, phobias. Etc. are accumulated in the body tissue. TBE not only works in response to the anatomical and physiological energy dynamics of the body, but also improves acute and chronic symptoms. The unique point of TBE is that it can deal with and treat all structures at the same time. The technique itself is simple, effective, non-invasive and integrated. Utilizing energy dynamics, TBE can be done with or without touching the body, focusing on the roots of dysfunction and integrating the mind, body and spirit.

TBEN is not only a very effective technique on its own, but it can also be combined with other healthcare methods.

Meaning of the word TBE Total Body Energetics The word "total" is a complete system and includes all patient history, evaluation, treatment, reassessment and follow-up. Treatment requires consideration and treatment of physical, psychological, emotional, behavioral, and conscious factors (internal factors) as well as environmental factors (external factors). Evaluation and reassessment are important to measure the effectiveness of TBEN for both therapists and patients. This gives the therapist confidence and trust. TBEN is a treatment that deals with the body as a whole unit and supports the healing power of the body itself.

The word "body" is a physical manifestation that includes all structural, psychological, emotional, behavioral, and conscious factors (internal factors) and environmental factors (external factors). This can be rephrased as "total body region".
Over the years, the body accumulates tension from physical, biochemical, electromagnetic field stress, and stress from unresolved emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and consciousness. This tension leads to pain, poor posture, limited range of motion, and functional and physiological changes. The result of this unresolved tension is dis-ease.

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Total body region

The words "energetics" and "energy" describe the level of shift that is created in the body. TBEN is a fusion of East and West medicine. The oriental approach involves the principles of mind body and energy dynamics. Western elements include anatomy, physiology, physical evaluation and therapeutic studies. The energy approach can be treated with or without touching the body.

Fusion of East and West Medical Care-For those who aim to step up treatment-

TBEN was developed by Dr. Kelly Dambrosio, an osteopath, physiotherapist, acupuncturist and body talk instructor. This aims at the best approach in the eastern and western world.

Have you ever wondered why your or your patient's physical symptoms are so strong? The ability to create symptoms and identify the various factors that maintain them paves the way for breaking patterns and continuing to work. Will give you.

This seminar is for bodywork and energy medicine practitioners who want to take it even further. All the necessary anatomy and physiology will be covered in the seminar. It provides easy-to-use charts that are steps to interact with the body. By following the procedure according to the chart, the primary part of imbalance including not only the physical body but also internal factors such as emotions, psychology, behavior, consciousness, and environmental (external) factors held in the organization is determined. can do.

Charts can also be used to release the problematic load and structural imbalances and determine the optimal position and approach for balancing the body and mind.

The ability to interact with the body eliminates the need for set techniques and allows for truly customized sessions that address the specific needs of the patient.

You will also learn how to deal with imbalances caused by foreign bodies in your body. Artificial joints, pacemakers, contraceptive rings, dentures, etc. can cause membrane tension and postural distortion.

One of the most exciting things about this TBEN seminar is self-treatment. Learn how to balance your condition and structural imbalances. You will also learn telemedicine for patients.

At the end of this seminar, you will feel confident that you will be able to incorporate your newly learned skills into your routine and self-treatment.

Introduction of TBE (Total Body Evaluation)


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An integrated systemic assessment of Dr. Kelly Dumbrosio to understand patient problems available to all manual therapists. Learn in detail the accurate evaluation method that is the basis of osteopathic medicine built by Dr. Kelly through many years of clinical experience.

  • << Asymmetry evaluation: Posture >>

    • Dominant eye

    • Sagittal plane and cross section

    • Front face value and cross section

    • Spine posture evaluation

    • Pelvic landmark

    • Sacral landmark

  • << Evaluation of range of motion >>

    • Cervical spine

    • Thoracic spine

    • Lumbar spine

    • rib cage

    • Diaphrenic

    • film

    • Upper limbs

    • Lower limbs

  • 《Tension test evaluation》

    • Skull

    • Front of trunk

    • Rear trunk

    • Upper limbs

    • Lower limbs

  • 《Special inspection》

    • Spine screening test

    • Forward bending test

    • Motor chain test

    • Sacroiliac joint movement test

    • Sacral lock test

    • Upper limb screening test

    • Lower limb screening test

《Whole body evaluation》
Whole body evaluation: Detailed version / Whole body evaluation: Simplified version
<< Whole body reassessment: After treatment >>
Whole body reassessment: Detailed version / Whole body reassessment: Simplified version << Whole body evaluation: Case review >>
Appendix << Spine Biomechanics >>
Upper cervical spine (C0 C1) / Upper cervical spine (C1 C2) / Lower cervical spine / Thoracic spine / Lumbar spine


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