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Product Summary

TBB Level 1 is a standard treatment that systematically evaluates and treats the whole body from a physiological and anatomical point of view, based on the classical osteopathy that Dr. Kelly learned from osteopathic master John Warnam DO.

Practical skill: Kelly Danprogio

Produced by: Science Newspaper

Translator: Kyo Sakurai DC

Disc: 2-disc set

Recording time: 155 minutes


General Principles of TBB

  • Introduction
  • Section 1 What is TBB?
  • Section 2 General rules for TBB
  • Section 3 TBB Mecha
  • Section 4 Whole body assessment
  • Section 5 Treatment of TBB
  • Section 6 Whole body reassessment
  • Conclusion of case review on systemic evaluation


TBB Treatment Phases 1-5

  • Section 7 Phase 1: TBB Supine Technique
  • Section 8 Phase 2: TBB Prone Position Technique
  • Section 9 Phase 3 & 4: TBB lateral decubitus technique
  • Section 10 Phase 5: TBB sitting technique
  • Appendix: Spinal biomechanics

TBB-1 Total Body Balancing << Level 1 >>

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