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Product Summary

This is the second DVD of Dr. Kelly Dambrosio's integrated whole body evaluation method.

Practical skill: Kelly Danprogio

Produced by: Science Newspaper

Translator: Kyo Sakurai DC

Disc: 1 disc set

Recording time: 80 minutes

Introduction Section 5 << Whole Body Evaluation >>
Whole body evaluation: Detailed version / Whole body evaluation: Simplified version Section 6 << Whole body re-evaluation: After treatment >>
Whole body reassessment: Detailed version / Whole body reassessment: Simplified version Section 7 << Whole body evaluation: Case review >>
Appendix << Spine Biomechanics >>
Upper cervical spine (C0 C1) / Upper cervical spine (C1 C2) / Lower cervical spine / Thoracic spine / Lumbar spine

TBE-2 Total Body Evaluation Part 2

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