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"Apprentice Card" by Monique Fay, an international artist who continues to explore the fields of photography and healing

It is a card with the power of nature that she explored for 40 years and photographed herself.

There are 35 "Apprentice Cards",

A collection of naturally inspired photographs that capture the presence of spirit in the five elements of earth, water, fire, wind and sky. These five elements are the foundation of our existence. The elements inside you and the five elements you feel outside you cannot be separated even if you cut them.

Would you like to take a powerful inner journey to your inner clarity, perception and self-development, connecting to the healing power of nature through the "Apprentice Card"?

We are also holding a hands-on workshop to introduce how to use cards by Monique Fay and how to explore deeper, so if you are interested, please join us.

Click here for details of the workshop

Click here for the card introduction page

Apprentice Card

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