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Hakarame month calendar (A4 size)

Starting with the ebb and flow of the moon, the lunar calendar (old calendar) that the ancestors read based on it, the tide closely related to the lunar calendar, the 24 solar terms where you can feel the seasons, the miscellaneous clauses, and the 72 pentads. , And the monthly lunar calendar etc. are listed. In addition, "Days when you should not mess with the soil" for soil, large crime soil, and small crime soil, one grain ten thousand times day, and nine stars and sixty zodiac signs that can be used by those who can use it are also described.

Everything on Earth is ticking under the influence of the great power of the familiar "moon," "sun," and "invisible" in this universe. Not only plants and animals, but also water, air, stones, soil, all kinds of energy, and humans.
I wish I could put that "extremely large and familiar power" on my side in my life, and I want to share it with everyone. This calendar is filled with wisdom from the past.

Your own home and life are almost handmade

(The water supply is also drawn by ourselves so that we can use the mountain water!)

It is a calendar of the month and canoe that Mr. and Mrs. Suzuki of the nature group preside over.

Made of reed paper, the string is also vegetable. (Until now silk)

Most of the calendars are handmade, except for printing and agreement.

There are also the phases of the moon, the 24 solar terms, and a little hint for each month.

It is also interesting as a reading material.

Hakarame month calendar

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