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Product Summary

Only the skull is picked up from the 4-volume series. Covers both cranial sutures and techniques for the intima.

Practical skill: Kelly Dambrosio

Produced by: TSI Japan

Translator: Kyo Sakurai DC

Disc: 1 disc set

Recording time: 71 minutes

Main Contents <br> Membrane Balancing (FB) Skull (Section V-5)
1. Short lever membrane release
2. Long lever membrane release
3. Joint membrane release
Mandibular release b. Maxilla release c. Cheekbone release
d. Nasal bone release e. Frontal bone release f. Parietal bone release
g. Temporal bone release h. Occipital bone / sphenoid bone release

Membrane balancing &lt;&lt; skull &gt;&gt;

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