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9/13 (Sun) PaRama Campus Study Group with Body Talk Friends

We will study together what is useful for body talk sessions! For the first time, we will introduce the website "PaRamaCampus" provided by "Learn the Language of Health" IBA! Let's use it for body talk sessions and learn useful concepts together! (Anyone can participate regardless of CBP)

Applications are no longer accepted.
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9/13 (Sun) PaRama Campus Study Group with Body Talk Friends
9/13 (Sun) PaRama Campus Study Group with Body Talk Friends


Sep 26, 2021, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Face-to-face & Zoom @ Sapiensis Body Care


International Body Talk Association

Do you know the online teaching material "PaRamaCampus" that you preside over?

The contents of Parama Campus are

It makes your body talk session more powerful.

The first study session was held by Kaito Sato, who has been studying at Parama Campus for about three years.

This is amazing on the Parama campus! Introducing.

Materials can be displayed in Japanese! Introduction of tricks

Introduction of how to apply for Parama Campus

Introducing a great rate plan

Sharing is Caring.Nobody is left behind.

I'm not happy to have it by myself, and it's not good for me.

I want to learn together and improve my motivation and brush up, so

We have decided to hold this study session.

Not just this one time

In addition to PaRamaCampus, Mr. Laura, who is familiar with body talk,

"E-Course: Mod 6 Master Study" and

Acupuncturist Kaito Sato's five elements, Chinese medicine, etc.

I would like to make it a topic in the future.

If you have something to learn

Please join us and let us know what you think.

Let's make it a participatory circle that everyone will create!

What to bring (required in advance):

If you would like to log in with us on the spot or set up, please prepare the following.

・ Tablet (iPad, etc.) or laptop

-"Login user name" and "password" provided by IBA

・ Download Google chrome

(It will be smooth if you download it)

Participation conditions:

・ Anyone who is not an IBA member, BJA member, non-member, or CBP can participate.

Those who participate offline (those who come to our house) can use the optical line Wi-Fi.


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