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PaRama Campus Study Group Introduction to Body Talk (Video Only)

We will study together what is useful for body talk sessions! The second is "Fundamentally BodyTalk" Introduction to Body Talk What is the concept of body talk that senior body talk instructors talk about? Let's find ideas that can be used immediately for your own understanding and review, for clients, and for briefing sessions. (Anyone can participate regardless of CBP)

PaRama Campus Study Group Introduction to Body Talk (Video Only)
PaRama Campus Study Group Introduction to Body Talk (Video Only)


Video only



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International Body Talk Association

Do you know the online teaching material "PaRamaCampus" that you preside over?

The contents of Parama Campus are

It makes your body talk session more powerful.

Event: "Learn the Language of Health"

Website "PaRama --Parama Campus" provided by IBA

The second is "Fundamentally BodyTalk-Introduction to BodyTalk"

Unravel the free content provided by IBA on the Parama Campus!

PhD in Integrative Medicine and Senior Certified Body Talk Instructor

With Tracy Clark

Advanced Certified Body Talk Instructor,

Ben Manaro explains the concept of body talk.

In addition, the founder, Mr. John, will also appear!

Basic concept (Innate Wisdom Biofeedback Tapping)

Of course, as other interesting topics ...

* Body Talk Association Vision Mission

* Dynamic system theory

* Top-down method

* Body talk is consciousness-based health care

* Regarding quantum entanglement and remote sessions

* Breathing and scanning

* "Caution" and "Intention"

* Compassion

Read the notes together and

Kaito Sato will interpret the 15 videos (103 minutes) in total.

Anyone can participate, whether it's CBP or not.


  • Video only





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