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10/31 (Sat) 11/1 (Sun) 9: 00 ~ 18: 00 "KI Method NEO Stretch Lumbar Lower Limb Edition" Workshop

The second in the "KI Method" series by Guido van Rissigem! A new stretch that approaches the so-called "nervous tissue" of the lower limbs, such as the hips, hips, and knees. It finds nerves that are painful and restricting movement, and restores the joints of the body to their original movements. A hands-on, two-day workshop to learn theories and techniques to improve client and patient pain and movement restrictions.

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10/31 (Sat) 11/1 (Sun) 9: 00 ~ 18: 00 "KI Method NEO Stretch Lumbar Lower Limb Edition" Workshop
10/31 (Sat) 11/1 (Sun) 9: 00 ~ 18: 00 "KI Method NEO Stretch Lumbar Lower Limb Edition" Workshop


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Details such as charges and payment methods

Workshop contents

In this workshop

1) Evaluate which nerves are the cause of pain and movement limitation

2) Identify where the nerve is restricted

3) Learn techniques to improve pain and movement restrictions for clients and patients by applying mobilization techniques for that particular nerve.

While learning the science behind motor dysfunction related to "restriction" by learning KI Method NEO Stretch

You can expand your skills with solutions as theoretical and practical knowledge.

Acquire practical skills to assist patients and clients with exercise restriction problems.


Anyone who has an open-minded attitude and willingness to learn new concepts and theories can participate.

Those who want to acquire techniques and techniques that can be used in the field right now

Those who want to learn the main evaluation method, rehabilitation, and functional recovery method

Those who want to understand the essence of how the body works

Those who are wondering how to deal with injured or restricted clients

Those who are studying to be active in the fields of medical care, treatment, training, and rehabilitation in the future

[Recommended for people like this]

Physical therapist, acupuncturist, athletic trainer, judo rehabilitator, masseuse, occupational therapist, caregiver, internist, neurologist, surgeon who are involved in the field of pain in healthcare, personal Trainer, Strength Coach, Pilates, Yoga Instructor


  • Early bird discount 98,900 yen ticket (until August 31)

    We will send you an invoice within 3 days, so the reservation will be confirmed by payment from there.

    Sale ended
  • Student discount 76,230 yen ticket (applicable only to those who are still in school)

    Please show your student ID card at the venue.

    Sale ended
  • General 108,900 yen ticket

    Sale ended




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