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BodyTalk Access Seminar

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Would you like to learn body talk self-care together?

Sometimes it's important to go to the hospital, take medicine, etc. because you're sick, but you may have the option of doing it yourself, without using any medicine or equipment.

It is a body talk technique that can be useful for various symptoms such as sudden fever of a child, feeling sick even though it is not enough to take medicine, and wanting to improve the constitution.

Learn self-care and techniques that you can give to your family and friends.

What is Body Talk Access?

From headaches and stiff shoulders to insomnia and stress

Body talk therapy that can be expected to be effective for a wide range of physical and mental symptoms

The essence is extracted so that "anyone" and "easily" can learn it.

"Body Talk Access Seminar".

I got a deep cut and got burned,

First aid methods that can be used in emergencies, such as what you can do while calling an ambulance for someone

You can learn the technique called "first aid" together.

No tools or equipment required, home, school, workplace, training ground, etc.

You can do it anywhere.

It is easy to incorporate into daily life, and it is possible to balance the mind and body in general.

No matter how many times a day you do it, there are no side effects.

For those who have had a body talk session,

Anyone can participate, even if it is the first time for body talk.


What can be expected to improve by implementing body talk access

Headache / stiff shoulder / backache

Insomnia / stress / chronic fatigue

First aid for injuries, bruises, sprains, and cold care

Immunity enhancement (including reduction of allergies)

Relief of respiratory illness by improving breathing

Child health management and emotional stability (including hyperactivity disorder and learning disability)

Improve concentration, refresh your mind and body

Scheduled date & details

Lecturer: Chie Ozaki

Tuition fee: 22,000 yen (tax included)

* Early bird discount of 19,800 yen will be applied to those who apply and transfer within one month of the event.

Please see the Body Talk Association website for the date, place, and application.

5 techniques for body talk access that you can learn in a day's training

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1. Cerebral cortex → How to relax the brain

This is the basic tapping of body talk and is the most important. The cerebral cortex consists of the frontal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe, and temporal lobe. Gently tap the front part of the brain and the chest and abdomen. By tapping, the central part of the brain is activated, the whole system of the body can be calmed down, the mood becomes clear, and the field of vision becomes clear. The effect is immeasurable.

2. Switching → Reducing existing stress and reviewing stress level

Switching is a mechanism that stops us from overworking our bodies physically, psychologically and emotionally. If you are under extreme pressure or stress for a long time, you will fall into a state of switching, and symptoms of nervous system dysfunction such as weakened memory / reading comprehension, frustration, left-right confusion, and self-defeating behavior (eg overeating) Appears. Our bodies are saying, "A lot more!" Switching is a technique that adjusts the stress level by tapping while gently pressing the eyeball.

3. Hydration → Regulation of water in the body

It is a technique to adjust the water balance of the body and cells. It is said that 70-90% of the human body is made of water. "Water" is essential for all biochemical reactions that occur in the body. Hydration is the process by which water passes through the cell membrane and penetrates into the cell, allowing water to pass through the cell wall and move freely, take in nutrients, and discharge waste products. In dehydration, the lymphatic system in the body becomes clogged, dysfunctional, and waste products are no longer excreted. The lymphatic system is also closely associated with immune function, so proper "hydration" of the body can also help prevent infections and combat allergies.

4. Physiology → Improvement of immune function

Body chemistry is a technique in which saliva is applied to the navel (or thymus / ear) and tapped while linking with the brain. From saliva, we read information on factors that invade and harm the body, such as viruses, harmful bacteria, parasites, fungi, and toxins in the body. If necessary, you will be instructed to process them against that particular virus. The great advantage of bodily chemistry techniques is that you can focus only on certain harmful substances without killing bacteria that are beneficial to your body.

5. Mutual parts → Balance the muscular system, improve posture and adjust internal organs

The human skeleton is made up of balance while corresponding to left and right, front and back, and up and down. And, on the outside and surface of the body, there is energy called "Qi" in Chinese medicine, and I think that it protects us. The mutual parts touch the paired parts of the body and approach the energy system of Mamoru. It is a dynamic technique that balances general health, general energy, internal organs, respiratory system, digestive system, and nervous system. It also helps improve posture.

Please apply from the website of Body Talk Headquarters (Alchemy for Life Co., Ltd.), but if you have any questions, please contact us.

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