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Sapiensis Academy

Sapiensis Academy


Cross the fence!

Those who care for the body and mind regardless of occupation, work history, or background

Those who are professionally working to improve their clients

Those who continue to learn with a more humble attitude and are open-minded

Let's learn beyond the barriers!

Helping you, is helping me.

If you "do" the procedure, you may have less chance to "have" the procedure.

The knowledge and techniques that I used to take for granted are actually very novel to other people.

We all get together and learn, so sometimes we notice!

Those who are far away can take classes online at Zoom.

Nobody is left behind!

Let's move forward and develop together!

Recommended teaching materials

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KI method

Guido Van, the founder of the KI method

The e-book "Kinetic Integrations Foundations & Strategies Educational Package" by Rissigem will be used as a teaching material.

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Kelly method

We will use a DVD as a teaching material that summarizes the detailed evaluation method for each part of the body of Dr. Kelly Dambrosio who teaches "If the treatment time is 20 minutes, spend 15 minutes for evaluation" (Academy member special price) Recommended to purchase)



Ticket Price

To everyone who works professionally

Considering the pace and timing that can be continued reasonably, we have adopted two types of ticket system.

2 times ticket: 10,000 yen (valid for 3 months)

Drop-in: 6,000 yen (at any time you like)

Practice Association: 500 yen


  • ボディートーク基礎&上級、エナジェティックバランシング(EB)&全身スクリーニング評価を受講された方に向けたオンライン練習会です。 ※未受講...

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  • Dr.ケリーダンブロジオが体系化したケリーメソッド その基盤となる局所評価(TBE)とエネルギー療法後の統合手技テクニックを学びます。

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  • Dr.ケリーダンブロジオが体系化したケリーメソッド その基盤となる局所評価(TBE)とエネルギー療法後の統合手技を学びます

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  • 北米を中心に12,000人が受講したKIメソッド。創始者ギドーのKIメソッドの真髄を書いた資料を教科書に紐解き理解を深めていきましょう!

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  • 【Zoom】北米を中心に12,000人が受講したKIメソッド。創始者ギドーのKIメソッドの真髄を書いた資料を教科書に紐解き理解を深めましょう...

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